Monday, November 24, 2008

NY Village Deli

This was another spot I loved when I lived over here. It's staffed by decent dudes who always have that, "this is sorta shitty but it could be way worse" type of look. Like sorta happy, but if you asked them if it was going to rain, they'd always tell you, "probably" even if it was 90 degrees in the shade. Anyway. This place is pretty well stocked on decent (or cheap, depending on your budget, agenda or state of inebriation) beer and a host of snack foods. They have sandwiches and the assorted salads you'd expect to find in a deli. Dried out chicken patties, cole slaw and some pasta salad type thing that you never see anyone buying but it always looks like you could probably eat it in a bind. Or if you were zombie drunk and the pizza place next door wasn't open.


1. Smell? Chips. Coffee, too. It's a big bodega so it varies depending on where you stand.
2. Booze? Pretty healthy selection of beers. Cheap domestic tall boys and import bottles and cans.
3. Random Cat? Hell, yeah. And he didn't give a fuck about you or anyone else. This cat was his own boss.
4. Weirdest Item? Empress Jack Mackerel (cans)
5. Nationality? I want to say Arabic was the language being spoken. I could be wrong.
6. Can I get a sandwich? Correct. The sign says "fine delicatessen" and I'm not going to argue.
7. Is something Illegal Happening Here? Possibly. But not the guys who work here. There's something heinous going on in the cabbie bathroom which may or may not be illegal in New York state.
8. ATM Fee? $1.75
9. EV Special? (Natural Spirits + Snobby Beer + Something Vegan) Is coffee vegan? If so, then maybe.

39 1st Ave.
NYC, NY 10003

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