Monday, November 24, 2008

Yoo's Convenience Store 1

This is one of those ultra tiny bodegas. One where you're just like, "how the hell is this busted little beer closet even in business?" It defies reason and logic. But I'd bet that Yoo's is not just IN business - they're probably killin' it. Why? Because they're structured like a bodega swiss army knife. They're small as hell, but they have like four or five really fucking useful functions. They sell beer, smokes, lottery tickets, honey buns and they have an ATM in the back. They don't mess with the flowers. They don't have cans of tomato paste or produce. These guys cut to the fucking chase. And that's why we always go back. They're like a Kia - no frills, just an engine and some wheels. And that is why Koreans will one day own all of our asses.


1. Smell? Dusty.
2. Booze? A few domestic and import options. Enough to keep you happy.
3. Random Cat? Nah.
4. Weirdest Item? A bag of corn nuts that looked prehistoric.
5. Nationality? I'm guessing Korean.
6. Can I get a sandwich? Sorta. They have pre-made bagel sandwiches with butter.
7. Is something Illegal Happening Here? They're clean.
8. ATM Fee? $1.75
9. EV Special? (Natural Spirits + Snobby Beer + Something Vegan) Oddly, yeah. I think they got it.

52 2nd Ave.
NYC, NY 10003

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