Sunday, November 2, 2008

Pak Punjab

The oldest trick in the bodega handbook is putting the word "new" on the shingle hanging over the door. I guess they think we're a truly gullible lot and those three little letters subtly inserted into a sign are going to make 15 years of fossilized coffee spills and cracked linoleum invisible. "Fuck that broken window, the sign SAYS it's NEW!" Anyway, Pak Punjab gets a pass because this place is sorta legendary in some circles. I've read about David Cross swinging by to pick up tasty treats and some fiction book I read once actually took a non-fiction turn in its description of E. 3rd's primo cabbie hang out. It's small and typically crowded with a diverse assortment of yellow cab kamikazes and general weirdos, but they get top marks for being friendly and chock full of weird shit I'm pretty sure you can probably only find there.

1. Smell? Spicy. Spices. A little musty, but mostly exotic spices.
2. Booze? Nope.
3. Random Cat? Nope.
4. Weirdest Item? Krazy 4 VHS tapes (there were other descriptors in a foreign language)
5. Nationality? Pakistan, duh.
6. Can I get a sandwich? Nope but their Paki delights are primo. Spicy fish, chicken chappli, etc.
7. Is something Illegal Happening Here? The guy behind the counter has a headset so I'm guessing there's a distinct possibility illicit stuff happens from time to time.
8. ATM Fee? $1.75
9. EV Special? (Natural Spirits + Snobby Beer + Something Vegan) Nope.

50 2nd Ave.
NYC, NY 10003

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